1. Hey Scott it’s Pajo! Just to add, I actually found a copy of Maurice playing what became the first Slint song— we called it “New Dave” at the time (cuz it was my new song, ha!). It’s all clean guitar and Mike Bucayu is doing his best to play that bass line, with awkward pauses and tuning to D, etc! It’s the last song after a terrible set at the The Jockey Club in Newport KY (opening for Scratch Acid?). We are being heckled the entire time and Rat doesn’t really sing, he spends the set apologizing for not being punk rock enough! I have some other Maurice recordings that shows the transition to Tweez pretty obviously— the demo is a full year before the transition. Maybe all this stuff will be properly released someday… I just wanted to get that demo out first, for people to check it out for themselves. Oh yeah, The Struggle chugga chuggas resurfaced in Slint as Glenn, from the untitled 10”. Jam on.

    Maurice (Pre-Slint) Demos Now Available - Pretty Goes with Pretty

    From the comment section of this morning’s post.

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